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Labna is our food blog and our creative outlet: we opened it together in 2009 and since then we have shared hundreds of recipes and stories on these pages, writing about all sorts of dishes but most of all about Jewish cuisine. We are Jewish and we love it, so we talk a lot about it.

Actually, to be precise, Labna is the only Jewish/Kosher cooking blog in Italy, so we feel strongly we have a mission and a responsibility here to voice an entire culture. We are endlessly interested in our religion, with its millenary history, so you will often read on Labna posts about our culture, holidays, customs, habits.

Our families come respectively from Libya and Egypt, and we are very proud to cherish and preserve not only our religious traditions, but also and especially our recipes.

However, we also try our very best not to bore you only with our obsession for Jewish food: we share main dishes, salads, soups, desserts too… anything that can serve to answer the fatal question: what should I make for dinner tonight?

Benedetta Jasmine Guetta

I graduated in literature, worked in digital marketing for 10 years, and then I made a crazy career switch to focus on the one thing that makes me really happy: cooking. These days, I work as freelance food writer and photographer for magazines and brands alike, in Italy and abroad.
As a food writer for both digital and offline publications, I tell stories about food and recipes, the people that cook them, the places they come from, taking the readers on an imaginary culinary journey with me.
As a food photographer and stylist, I bring my stories to life through evocative, mouthwatering pictures that are sure to tempt and inspire.
My work, especially with reference to Italian Jewish cooking, has been featured on numerous news outlets in Italy and abroad, such as Corriere della Sera, The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Elle a Table, Saveurs, Vogue and many others.
I enjoy cooking virtually anything, but my absolute favorite recipe is challah bread.

Manuel Kanah

My name is Manuel, I was born in ’77 (will let you do the math!) and I live between Milan and London with my wife and two kids, Eithan and Ben.
I tried to graduate in architecture, but along the way, I fell in love with IT and now I’m a development manager.
I eat anything except for cauliflowers, and my favorite food is labna (hence the name of the blog!)

Our intro ends here, but before we go, we have a little request for you. The appreciation of our readers is the greatest motivation we have to maintain this blog, so please keep in touch with us.
Follow us on social media, join our newsletter, add Labna to your RSS feed reader, and never hesitate to comment on the posts or email us directly whenever you have a question.






We do everything “in house” – cooking, shooting and editing pictures – because it’s important for us to own the content we produce and guarantee its quality; please respect our work by always crediting us if you quote our recipes or share our pictures (see our copyright page for further info).

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  • Toby Colton

    So happy to find a Jewish/mostly Italian blog.

  • Lily

    great website! . . . but, I cannot find out how to sign up for your newsletter . . .

  • Jasmine

    There’s a popup window, it will come out at some point :)

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