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Cooking alla Giudia

Cooking alla Giudia

A celebration of the Jewish Food of Italy

Cooking alla Giudia is the ultimate tribute to the wonderfully rich, yet still largely unknown, culinary heritage of the Jews of Italy. From Roman deep-fried artichokes (carciofi alla giudia) to Venetian sarde in saor (sweet-and-sour sardines), Apulian orecchiette pasta, and Sicilian caponata, some of Italy’s best-known dishes are Jewish in origin. But little is known about the Jewish people in Italy and their culinary traditions. It was the Jews, for example, who taught Italians to eat the eggplant, and thus helped inspire the classic eggplant parmigiana and many other local specialties.

With a collection of kosher recipes from all regions of Italy, including plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, author Benedetta Jasmine Guetta is on a mission to tell the story of how the Jews changed Italian food, to preserve these recipes, and to share with home cooks the extraordinary dishes prepared in the Jewish communities of Italy.

Highlighted throughout the book are menus with regional Italian specialties, along with short, useful guides to the Italian cities with Jewish history. The book will show how to integrate the recipes into your everyday meals and holiday traditions as well.

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4 commenti

  • Marco

    I am Italian but I live in the US. My wife is Jewish and I’d love to buy this book so that we could try some of these recipes at home. Do you know if this book would be available in the US? Also, on a different note, do you have any relative in Florence? I used to play sport with a Guetta.


  • beatrice fay

    So what are the answers to the above commento?

  • Terri

    Love your book! I don’t know what to try preparing first. My husband and I especially enjoyed the historic Jewish Italy info. We’re ready to return to Italy, at least to visit these historic sites, and of course enjoy the food.

  • Jasmine

    Hi Beatrice! I answered to Marco via email, sorry! :) But yes, the book has been published in the US. You can find it on Amazon and in most bookshops by now :)
    Many thanks!

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