Portfolio of Benedetta Jasmine Guetta

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As a freelance food writer, stylist and photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of working on many editorial and commercial projects. I have collected here a small selection of my favorites, which should serve to give you a flavor of my style as well as an idea of the type of collaborations I enjoy.


Pomì is one of the main Italian producers of tomato preserves and is part of the Casalasco Tomato Consortium, the main Italian supply chain for the cultivation and processing of tomato derivatives.
For Pomì I create recipes and photos which are used on the brand’s website.

Riso Gallo

Riso Gallo is among the largest rice mills in Europe and among the oldest Italian rice factories. Leader in Italy with a 20.5% market share, the company distributes in 80 countries.
For Riso Gallo I create recipes and photos which are used on the brand’s website.

Ci Piace Cucinare

Ci Piace Cucinare is the first and only weekly magazine in Italy dedicated to the world of cooking and has a circulation of almost 100,000 copies; it relies on the collaboration of chefs and bloggers.
For Ci Piace Cucinare I create recipes and photos, which are published on the print edition of the magazine.


Canon is a Japanese company, one of the world’s largest producers of digital cameras, camcorders and printers. For Canon I created two photographic reportages about food, distributed on different online channels, using the Canon EOS M model, which had just been introduced to the market at the time.

Crema e cioccolato

Crema e cioccolato is the largest network of franchise ice cream parlors in Italy, with over 500 stores spread all around the country.
For Crema e cioccolato I created a booklet of recipes (distributed in all the stores), featuring ice cream as the main ingredient.