Media kit

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Media kit

Here is an overview of our digital reach [update: Aprile 2018]:


  • – Sessions: 50.000+ (avg/month)
  • – Users: 40.000+ (avg/month)
  • – Pageviews: 100.000+ (avg/month)
  • – Demographics: 83% female – 17% male from Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Israel
  • – Traffic sources: Google, direct, Pinterest, Facebook

Social media

  • Facebook: 8.300+ likes
  • Twitter: 4.300+ followers
  • Instagram: 7.000+ followers
  • Pinterest: 307.000+ monthly viewers


  • – Unique active subscribers: 4.400+
  • – Open rate: 48%
  • – Click through rate: 15%


Here is a list of services we offer to our clients:

  1. Original and traditional recipes (in English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew)
  2. Food photography and styling, editorial and commercial
  3. Content production for the food industry (in English, Italian, Spanish, Hebrew)
  4. Guest post, content marketing, link building
  5. Cooking classes and cooking demonstrations
  6. Press tour participation
  7. Product reviews and destination reviews
  8. Speeches/talks/lessons on food-related topics, with a special focus on Jewish Italian cuisine

Recent work

As authors of recipes, photographers and guest bloggers we have worked with several online and offline publications, such as Sale e Pepe, Ci Piace Cucinare, Il Cucchiaio d’ArgentoJamie Magazine, Vanity Fair, East Global GeopoliticsFiorFiore Coop Magazine, Vallardi, Pagine ebraiche, Mosaico and others.

Collaborazioni di Labna

As authors of recipes, photographers and brand ambassadors, we have worked with several brands such as Voiello, Riso Gallo, PomìCaffarel, Philadelphia, Babybel, Canon, Bosch, Kitchen Therapy, Fattorie Fiandino, Gelaterie Crema e Cioccolato, Angelo Parodi, ERTurimo, ZurigoTurismo and others.

Collaborazioni di Labna

To have a better taste of our work, check out our portfolio.

If you work for a brand, a publishing house 0r a marketing agency and want to work with us, drop us a message!

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