Jewish cookbooks in English and other languages

This post is also available in Italiano

Over the years, many readers have asked my advice on books of Jewish interest, specifically Jewish cookbooks. This is why I came out with a short list of my favourites – actually, two lists – in Italian first, then in English and in other languages. Jewish cookbooks in Italian are gathered on a dedicated page, while below you can find the Jewish cookbooks in English and other languages (Spanish, German and French) that I would recommend you purchase.

Libri di cucina ebraica

The cookbooks in the English list are divided by subject: there are so many! I thought it would be useful to help you in the choice by creating categories (traditional Jewish cuisine, Israeli and contemporary Jewish cuisine, classic deli food and so on).

This list is a work in progress, because I intend to update it, improve it and enrich it with a certain frequency: stay tuned!

__ Traditional Jewish cooking – Essential reads

__ Traditional Jewish cooking – To deepen your knowledge

__ Contemporary Jewish and Israeli cuisine

__ Delicatessen and American Jewish fare

__ Jewish baking

__ Jewish food and special diets: vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free books

__ Cookbooks (not necessarily strictly of Jewish interest) written by Jewish food bloggers

__ Jewish cookbooks for kids and young adults

__ Jewish cookbooks in other languages (German, Spanish, French)