Milan has a vibrant and large Jewish community, but not a lot of choice for those who want to abide by the rules and eat kosher or simply try traditional Jewish cuisine: eating kosher in Milan is not exactly super-easy. This is the current list of kosher restaurants and kosher stores in Milan (including those that sell kosher meat).

Kosher restaurants in Milan

  • Snubar – Via Massarenti 20 (I told you about it here!).
  • Denzel – via Washington 9
  • Carmel by Lolita – viale San Gimignano 10
  • MyKaf√® – via Soderini 44
  • Tuv Taam – via Soderini 27 (the owners are Tripolini Jews like me, and you can find roschettas in their bakery!).

Food stores and places that carry kosher products in Milan

  • Kosher Paradise – viale San Gimignano 13
  • Eretz – via Soderini 27
  • Kosher King – via Marcona 1

Kosher butchers/meat re-sellers in Milan

  • Halak Bet Yossef at the Jewish Community Building – via Sally Mayer 4/6 (tel. 02 483110259 for opening hours)
  • Mister Meat – via Montecuccoli 21