Jewish style artichokes (carciofi alla giudia)

Here we are at the third (and next to last) video-recipe we have in store for you, perhaps the most delicious and the most anticipated we have prepared to date. Of course, we are talking about carciofi alla giudia, Jewish style artichokes, a truly legendary dish of Roman Jewish cuisine that has now assumed mythological proportions for all those who visit the eternal city with a gourmand spirit.

Jewish style artichokes

Jewish style artichokes look like a difficult dish, but do not be fooled, we guarantee that it is far from difficult. Now it is not the right season, so we understand it if you do not make them right away, but write down the recipe, because when you get those early artichokes you will have to get to work!

Carciofi alla Giudia

Jewish style artichokes (carciofi alla giudia)

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Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Antipasto
Cuisine Ebraica


  • Roman "mammole" artichokes
  • Lemon
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • White wine


  • First, carefully clean the artichokes by removing the toughest outer leaves, and the purple part of each leaf. As shown in the video, you will clean the artichokes in a similar manner as peeling an apple, with a circular motion slowly going down towards the base of the artichoke; then, also cut the stem of the artichokes and set aside. Also, remove the outer part of the stem and the remaining stubs of the outer leaves that you removed at the beginning.
  • Dip the artichokes in a bowl filled with water and lemon for fifteen minutes, then drain, dry, and press them against each other to make the leaves open as much as possible, and remove all the water.
  • Heat plenty of oil in a frying pan and, when it is hot (150 °), cook the artichokes together with their stalks until they are tender. Keep in mind that this is only the initial cooking step!
  • Drain the artichokes and let them cool upside-down on a sheet of absorbent paper until they cool down, then try to separate all the leaves with a fork or fingers, opening each artichoke like a blooming flower.
  • Season the artichokes with salt, pepper, and a splash of white wine, then dip them again in the oil, raising the temperature to fry and brown them.
  • Fry the artichokes for about a minute then, when they are dark and crisp, drain them on the absorbent paper and serve immediately.
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